Q - How does White Fox compare to Siberia?

A - White Fox is not as strong as Siberia (unless you put two in at a time) but it does not sting as much and has a much nicer taste and odour, slightly minty but not too minty. It is much cheaper than Siberia (less than half price) and the pouch is white not brown.

We have only received positive comments about it since we launched


Q - Any plans to get other flavours?

A - Yes, there are new flavours on the horizon.


Q - Is there anyway to help campaign for the lowering of tobacco tax for snus?

A - There sure is, please send your contact details and we will contact you once we have something in place


Q - I have not received my order but my friend has.

A - Once the courier collects the satchel from our warehouse we have absolutely no control as to what happens to it. That's why we send you an email with a tracking number so you can follow up with the courier yourself. We will however look into this and get back to you.


Q - Are you no longer selling snus?

A - Yes, we have stopped selling tobacco snus until the government change the tobacco laws. The customs tax is way too high both for us and the customer. You can purchase tobacco snus from buysnus.com in Sweden. White Fox is a really good product and we recommend you give it a try.


Q - Do you send snus to countries outside New Zealand?

A - Not currently. We will be sending White Fox tobacco free snus to Australia from soon this year


Q - Do you courier to a P O Box number?

A - Yes, we can.


Q - I’m looking for a place where I can drive and pick up snus.  Does anything like that exist here?

A - Please check the page contact us - store locations.


Q - I used to have Zyn in the USA, do you sell this product in NZ?

A - No we don’t, although whitefox is a much nicer and stronger product than Zyn.


Q - I placed an order and haven't received it yet. Can you update when will I get this order delivered?

A - Once the order has been dispatched, it is no longer in our control. You can check the tracking by clicking on the tracking option in the email sent to you once order is dispatched.


Q - I can’t track my item but it should have arrived yesterday? Please could you find out for me if it’s arrived or where it is?

A - We're sorry we can’t do this. You’re able to ring Courier Post and give them your tracking number


Q - Are your prices per tin and if so how many pouches do you roughly get per 15 gram tin?

A - Yes our prices are per tin and the number of pouches per tin are 20.

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