Our Intent

Here at NZSNUS, we want to make very clear what our intentions are.

We want the people of New Zealand to have better access to smoking alternatives.

We are a socially responsible organisation hence, adopting an R18 restriction.

We intend on being fully transparent and accountable whilst operating in this grey space we find ourselves in regarding the Smoke Free Environments Act (SFEA). We have unfortunatly pulled our Tobacco Snus from the market due to a high excise tax. We have now a new Tobacco Free Snus called White Fox that is very affordable and does the exact same job as normal Snus.

If we look at Jenesa Jeram's report 'Smoke and Vapour', we see that even with the continued tax hikes the Government are enforcing, we will be sitting around 12% smoking prevalence by 2025. This is massively off the national target of 5% by 2025!

Our only promotional message is that snus can be used how ever you like. It is a smoking alternative.

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