White Fox All White Portion

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Form: Portion
Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
Product Type: All White Portion
Net weight: 15 g
Nicotine level: 16 mg/g

White Fox is a white, tobacco-free product with a fresh spearmint flavoring. By being sufficiently loaded with nicotine and essential natural oils, White Fox is one of the purest ways to attain nicotine satisfaction.

We create White Fox using a special fleece material for the portion paper. This unique material provides a symbiotic nicotine/flavor release when compared to traditional papers.

This product is a game changer and as it contains no tobacco and contains a plant based material instead, the excise tax is cut, providing a low cost to the consumer.

We are very pleased to present this amazing product and think you will enjoy it!

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  • 5
    White fox

    Posted by Russell on 9th Oct 2019

    Have to say ive had a few different snus’s while trsvelling through denmark to sweden. I really enjoyed this one, it was strong and wasnt too minty at all! Ive given it to my smoking mates who all loved it. Awesome product but would love to see more selection which this company in terms of products! 5/5

  • 5
    White Fox

    Posted by Graham Burgess on 9th Oct 2019

    Excellent, keeps my smoking down to close to zero. (working to make it zero) Did not like vape, patches or gum

  • 5
    White Fox

    Posted by Graham Burgess on 1st Oct 2019

    Have found i can go one week on a packet of White Fox. Lately I have been having a few cigarettes as I have run out but want to get back into them. As I get paid fortnightly (pension ) I am going to try to get into a regime of ordering on paydays. No such thing as failure, just delayed success is all

  • 5
    Best product

    Posted by Josh on 21st Sep 2019

    This stuff has got me through quitting smoking. Haven’t had a single cigarette since I started using White Fox and helped with those cravings

  • 5
    Incredible product

    Posted by Anton on 6th Sep 2019

    I stopped smoking immediately with this product. My costs have gone down, my girlfriend doesn’t complain about any smells and it’s made work easier now that I can use it during those long meetings. Perfect for regular flyers too!

  • 4
    close to the real one

    Posted by Andrew Wensel on 4th Sep 2019

    The guar gum base holds and releases a decent dose, however the flavor is a little weak. Make sure you don't puncture the bag as your mouth will fill with white paste instead of tobacco.

  • 5

    Posted by JITHIN on 28th Aug 2019


  • 5
    Patrick Bogli

    Posted by Patrick on 26th Aug 2019

    This snus is very good. I like it. Then you don't have brown teeth that's awesome

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Josh on 26th Aug 2019

    Great quality product. You can use it anywhere and it’s a great way to quit smoking. After 15+ years it’s helped me kick the ciggys

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